Anatomy of a Breakfast

Two Eggs, Preferably Farm Fresh

Whisk with Fleur de Sel, 1/2 tsp. butter

Cook over low heat, gathering sides with a spatula, until cooked thoroughly.
Top with fresh ground pepper

Whenever I'm sick (like I have been over the past two weeks- C'mon, I'm over it already), I have a craving for comfort foods, the ones that filled my childhood growing up. As a little girl there was about a two year period where I ate nothing but scrambled egg sandwiches, made lovingly my my mom. I'm not even kidding, two scrambled eggs, every day for two years. Perhaps this over-consumption of eggs explains my years of veganism in college.

This morning, during my quest for breakfast I almost bypassed the eggs altogether. I was going to make do with just toast, a little butter, and some homemade blueberry jam. But then a hankering for my old go-to breakfast came over me. I was able to easily gather the necessary ingredients and began working on a simple but satisfying meal. The results were just like Mom used to make, with addition of a couple gourmet ingredients. Now only if this sandwich guaranteed a speedy recovery!

Slide eggs between two buttered sides of toasted bread, and top with shaved Parmesan cheese.
Eat up!


Anonymous said...

Sounds good and I took notes and all, but wait....the Parmesan cheese go on BEFORE or AFTER sliding the egg between two slices of buttered toast? I'm just askin'....sheesh!

Ali and Evan said...

If you're not careful you're going to get an uninvited guest to your home demanding to make this sandwich for you. You know I will!