Compliments to the Chef

Three B's Waffle @ The Waffle Window

This past Sunday I found myself being interviewed. One of the questions I was asked was, "how do you and Evan like to spend your free time?" Hum. This one stumped me for a minute. I mean, when E and I aren't "doing the Cafe" how do we spend our time?
"We eat," I finally replied. Which was about as truthful of an answer as I could come up with.
Seriously, besides caring for our dog there is very little Evan and I do that doesn't revolve around food. (And it would be safe to say that our dog would attest that the majority of his life revolves around food as well. What can we say? It runs in the family.) If we're not cooking it, shopping for it, or serving it, we're eating it.

As such, we're starting a new segment on the blog known as "Compliments to the Chef," an ongoing series dedicated to highlighting the fantastic meals, chefs, cooks, and food purveyors in this fantastic city that feed us on a routine basis. We recognize the city of Portland and her inhabitants as true gems and this will hopefully become our way of thanking our peers and particularly those that feed us for always being friend over foe, and for your continuous achievements in inspiring, satiating, quenching, nourishing, and delighting our taste buds.

For this inaugural entry we'd like to highlight The Waffle Window, a spot we hit up this morning for the first time, and likely a spot we'll be frequenting for many a'breakfast on our day off. As you know, we're suckers for waffles and this place is right up our alley (well, not technically, given the fact that it's quite a distance from our 'hood but decidedly WELL worth the effort.) There are equal amounts of thought and love given to both the sweet and savory flavor profiles of each waffle and and each is unpredictable and unique in its own right. Evan started his day off with the "Three B's:" Pepper Bacon, Brie, and Basil, served with Peach Jam. Let's just say we both had a "D'Oh" Homer Simpson moment of, "Why the hell didn't WE think of that first?!?" Once we got over ourselves it was easy to concede that alas, sometimes it's absolutely crucial and best to leave the inspiring to others. And it would be terribly rude of us not to mention the fact that the melted bried was actually layered between the waffle and the bacon, a true testament to the thoughtfulness of the deliciousness. Did you hear that? I said layers of brie.

As for me, I went for the "Fallen Leaves" waffle: Fresh Raspberries, Fresh Pear, and Whipped Cream on a Chocolate Dipped Waffle. I usually veer towards savory items in the morning but this one had my name on it and I found my usually generous self to be sinfully greedy, hoarding the last bites for myself. E had to stop me at one point to inform me that I had chocolate stains on the corners of my mouth; a true sign of overflowing, seemingly inconsequential submission. Please go. This place radiates Specialness, if you can imagine that. I recommend letting your taste buds do it for you.

Fallen Leaves

The Waffle Window
SE 36th and Hawthorne
M-F: 9am-3pm
Sat&Sun: 8am-5pm


Anonymous said...

Speaking of fabulous food purveyors, I have to thank you for putting The Sugar Cube on my radar. I had jury duty last week and so I was downtown for lunch, which I never am, and I walked past the carts at 9th and alder and stopped dead in my tracks. "OMG! The cupcake cart from LRBC's blog!!!" The Highway to Heaven was the best damn cupcake I've ever eaten. I then forced my boss to buy a dozen of them in place of a cake for an office birthday party this week, which made everyone SWOON.

So yeah. Thanks for telling the world about The Sugar Cube via your blog. Yet another reason for me to love you guys. :)

Ali and Evan said...

You know I mean this when I say it, "It is TRULY our pleasure." You two have been hot on the food tip for us too and we're happy to share the love. See you this weekend? ;)

Anonymous said...

This weekend? Did you even have to ask? ;)

Have a lovely Thanksgiving!!

kati said...

i've tried that 3Bs... SO good!

Natalie Burke said...

Holy Crap. I've been wanting to try the Waffle Window. You've just sealed the deal for me.