Croque Ma-Daaamn!

Croque Madame [KROHK mah-DAHM]
This is a CROQUE MONSIEUR (toasted ham and cheese sandwich) with the addition of a fried egg. We do ours sunnyside up styles.

Let's just say that I am REALLY excited about our latest sandwich special. During our recent trip to NYC I had the pleasure of enjoying an amazing Croque Madame at Pastis. While I was eating the sandwich I couldn't figure out why LRBC hadn't tried its hand at this classic recipe. So, without further ado, here you go folks...the LRBC Croque Madame:

Trust us, its very good; Kris and I split it for breakfast this morning--Kris also took one home for lunch. So yeah, it's like that good. Don't worry if you can't make it in over the next few days, we will likely be adding it to the menu permanently.

We'll leave the cutting to you: This is a knife and fork kind of egg sandwich.


Silver Bee said...

we do our own version of croque monsieur from time to time. the croque bloke. very aussie w bacon and home made bbq sauce...

Anonymous said...

Lord. I have to eat that.

Anonymous said...

Had it on our way through to Seattle....man, it was GOOD! I'm ready to head back up from Salem for another one! Nice work!