Sunday Brunch

James Beard's country pâté plate

House Fruit “Cocktail”
cup of sliced fresh fruit in sauvignon blanc syrup, topped with whipped mascarpone cream and candied hazelnuts

Honey Yogurt Bowl
Nancy’s Honey Yogurt with house granola, fresh fruit, cinnamon, & honey drizzle

Blueberry-Lemon French Toast
with fresh blueberries, house lemon-curd butter and real blueberry-maple syrup

Summer [Fried] Egg Sandwich
two eggs, Carlton bacon, feta, strawberry-balsamic black pepper jam, and arugula on ciabatta

Smoked Salmon Cheesecake
made with wild Alaskan lox, ricotta and cream cheese, served chilled with arugula, local tomatoes, and basil oil

James Beard’s Pâté Platter
with James Beard’s liver pâté, toasted rye, caper butter, dijon, shaved red onion, sliced brie, red grapes, cornichons and a hard-boiled egg

Buttermilk Biscuits and Rosemary Mushroom Gravy
Half portion…5.00 Sonny’s Special: full order, side of bacon, and large Orange Juice

Curried Tempeh Sandwich
curried tempeh salad with toasted almonds, golden raisins and coconut, with mango chutney and leaf lettuce on como bread

smoked tempeh strips, arugula, tomato, vegan dill aioli, and avocado on toasted ciabatta, served with arugula salad

Oregon Tuna Melt
wild Oregon albacore tuna, lemon-herb mayo, cheddar, green onions, and farmhouse relish
on Italian como bread, served with arugula salad
surf ‘n turf’ (add bacon)


Tim D. Roth said...

You bastards! Of course I work mornings exactly when you come out guns-a-blazin' with the hottest menu yet! Do you deliver biscuits to NW Portland, perhaps even 1951 W Burnside?

Unknown said...

oh Tim, I wish i had known, cuz i was your way after LRBC.

LittleCanoe said...

These look sooo good. I need to make it out one of these sundays.

Anonymous said...

Who's finger is that? with the LA tat, I mean...

Sarah Engel said...

everything looks delicious!

Unknown said...

You're so cute! That's my breakfast! No, really, my breakfast! It was beyond delicious! You guys really made my day. The pate was fabulous! Keep this on the rotation. Love, Jonlyn