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Our BFFs in the industry (as well as in life) are those crafty thoughtful peeps over at Dove Vivi Pizza. Thanks to them, and to Delane in particular, we were able to indulge in homemade dessert the other night (and several nights thereafter.)

Homemade Cheesecake
with raspberry puree and chocolate shavings

Hot Almond Milk Chocolate

I am often convinced (and reminded) that Delane is the loveliest person on earth based on two principals alone:
1. She is a staunch believer in thank you/birthday cards (and thoughtfully well-written ones at that)
2. She never, ever returns a dish empty.

If you need more evidence:
she insists upon homemade gifts; she rocks "cutting-edge-sensible fashion" daily, basically inventing the look, incorporating influences from Homer, Alaska and Los Angeles, CA; she can read people and sum them up like the jacket-inlay of a book; she always has cunning, wise, and invested observations to make in every situation; she can "decide" to grow a garden with the ease of a veteran green-thumb (squashes, peppers, and tomatoes like you wouldn't believe); she (with help from her equally great partner) created a baby-genius whiz-kid; and she's a great example of a mum for an inspiring-mom-to-be (someday). Did I mention she's an amazing artist, baker, and carpenter?

And most of all, the surest sign that this person is the loveliest breathing soul on earth, is the fact that rather than being jealous of these qualities in my friend, I, as well as the other people in her life, are inspired to be better people; for ourselves, for the people around us, and for the world in general. Simple as that.

Anyways, back to the dessert portion of this blog post. Given Delane's old-fashioned and completely dreamy tradition of never returning a borrowed dish empty, she bestowed this zesty, lemon cheesecake upon us the other night in our 9-inch spring-form pan.

Since sharing that first slice with our friends, we have been able to serve it to dinner guests as dessert, which seemed awfully fancy at the time, and we have eaten it in bed while catching up on episodes of Glee and Mad Men (via the Internet). It's has been pretty amazing having this thing in our fridge. Delicious slices of food-coma inducing reminders that we are lucky to have these people in our lives.

It should also be mentioned that I just happened to be wearing the freshly printed (and for sale at a family-run pizza joint near you) Dove Vivi t-shirt when this photo was snapped. The shirt is printed on really soft, vintage inspired fabric, the kind that feels like you've worn it for ages. We we're delighted to find out that the design was created by our friend, and Dove Vivi's own, Lizzy. It has since been confirmed by numerous sources that this particular design, on this particular fabric, gives the shirts a very rock 'n roll flavor. In discussing the shirt among friends I think the band Van Halen was even mentioned once...or twice. It has also been confirmed by trusted fashionistas that these shirts can be dressed up or down. Anyways, consider this your first heads up that you should get your hands on your own, and soon. Limited production and all (isn't that what you'd say in the music industry?).

I already know that many of you have experienced and been transfixed by the hospitality of the floor, as well as the love emerging from the Dove Vivi Kitchen. I just thought it should be mentioned at some point that there is a reason for what goes on there. It's got really, really good roots. Good parents, basically. Solid, decent people, doing honest work, living inspiring lives while improving the lives of those around them. As a fellow citizen, you really couldn't expect more from these people. And just when you're ready to say, "Wow, you've really couldn't do any more for us," they happen to turn out the sickest chocolate chip cookies and pie in town (attn. babyboomers: sickest is a good thing).

So yeah, to sum it up:

Thanks Delane, for the cheesecake.
You are such a good friend. It was exactly what the doctor ordered...on several occasions.

Dove Vivi rules.

Yes, they have t-shirts. You can buy them there, in-house. On a personal note, I can testify to the rocker vibe I was getting
from these. Without prompting, I wore purple eye-shadow and invoked the spirit of Joan Jett the night I first night I wore it out.

This is not just a gimmick to sell shirts. There is a palpable reason why you should add this t-shirt to your collection and why you already feel naturally drawn to support this business and the people there: They are keeping our (and other friends') faith in humanity intact.

Not to mention the fact they make really good food, and that we, and many other devoted customers, would most likely starve without their provisions.

The End.

Dove Vivi
2727 NE Glisan St
Portland, OR 97232-2401
(503) 239-4444

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Dove Vivi said...

...to keep up my reputation I must reply with a very, extremely humble: thank you. If I were to mad lib style replace "Little Red Bike", "Zeus", and "Ali and Evan" into all the appropriate proper noun areas of your Ode To All Things Lovely Of Dear Ones, I could only hope to take your breath, knock your knees and slap you silly right back. Much love, many thanks, and no more IOUs on quality time! Delane, Gavin, Swift