Brunch Fit for a Baby Bear

Somehow (we're not really sure how we did it) we managed to make it two full weeks without the hard work, undying optimism, and comic relief of the man you see pictured above (minus the chocolate mustache). It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway: we're pretty darn excited that at some time tomorrow he'll be leaving LA and heading north on I-5, Portland his final destination. In honor of his return, we're dedicating tomorrow's brunch service to the "Hustle" Simmons.

The latest weather forecast is calling for mild temperatures, and mostly sunny morning skies. Our espresso will be four days out from roast, the brunch menu features some old favorites, as well as a few exciting new concoctions (though you'll have to wait 'til tomorrow morning to get a look at the actual menu, but trust me, its worth waiting for). We're looking forward to seeing you then.


Laura said...

We sent KY-O back to PDX yesterday - minus the spiced apple butter, Blackberry-Cherry-Rose Jam, Courier Coffee, of course! XOXO to all - Laura

Ali and Evan said...

XO right back at you. We (and his many fans) anxiously await his return!