"I'd Rather Be Bowling."

We're becoming regular bowlers.

This fact has intimidated some (to the extent that they're scared to come join us, despite our insistent invites).

Please accept this photograph as a peace offering. What you see pictured above is the perfect representation of what you can expect on Tuesday nights if you come join us: pitchers of beer, chocolate chip cookies*, and flannel.

What's not to love?

*okay, so Matt Higgins only supplied cookies once, thus they cannot be guaranteed, but we do mange to provide beer on every occasion. For further clarification, flannel clothing is optional.


MemrySmith said...

whoa - did I just see an invitation to come bowl with you guys on Tuesdays?? Dreams DO come true! I've been trying to get the Dove crew to put together a team for forever, but there are (sadly) very few sporty spices in the mix. Time to jump ship!

Ali and Evan said...

Be there or be square!