The Last Chalkboard

latest/last chalk art.

Enough said?


@mark_e_evans said...

This makes me very very sad. I'm sad I haven't been back to eat your delicious food recently, but i'm still in China. I hope you find your next place soon!

Deanne said...

Wow. I love that *so* much.

Bromka said...

1 weekend short, I'm home tomorrow for reunion and miss counted the weekends. I'm sorry to have missed what sounds like an amazing day.
At work we've stopped calling project completions "Finals" and begun calling them "end of phase meetings" in hopes that the semantic change will indicate what it hopefully is, the completion of one phase and the beginning of another in a longer relationship.
So cheers to your End of Phase at 4328 N Lombard and looking forward to the continuing relationship you have with the city.

laura said...

That is an awesome drawing! It looks just like you guys.