Confessions of an Espresso Junkie

What began as a casual fling has, over time, developed into a full blown addiction. My body begins sending my brain warning signs from the moment I wake up in the morning. I come to the realization that I am coffee deficient in a number of ways; forgetting to put baking powder in the French Puff batter, not being able to remember the name of some of our most committed regulars, writing checks and filling in the date as 2009 (or sometimes 2008!). Ultimately, I always give in, and when I do the experience ranges between mood altering, and sometimes life changing.

I'm not exaggerating folks. This stuff is amazing. For all you hard core black coffee drinkers out there who never deviate from "drip" or "french press" or any other standard brewing method, the next time you visit a quality cafe ask for a "double americano" with eight ounces (or less) of water. I have to warn you though, you may never go back.

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LittleCanoe said...

It's all I ever order. It's magic. It's my life-blood. It's what I'm drinking right now.