But Wait! It's Not Over!

You didn't think we'd leave without saying goodbye did you?

Oh my. I certainly hope that wasn't the impression we left you with, 'cause frankly, that just ain't our style.

Today the movers from Big Al's are coming. In preparation for their arrival, Evan asked Alice, Tomรกs, and Kyle to finish boxing up the last of the smallwares in the dining room. Once all of the boxes are out, next will be the tables, the bench, our artwork, and the rest of the cooking equipment. Eventually, once Big Al's has moved everything out and down to the storage facility, we will be left with an empty cafe an awesome stage and dance floor for our going away party. THIS is the event we've been looking forward to. Friday's last service was fun and all, but our Crew is desperate for a party, and for a chance to properly say goodbye to all of you. You know, without all those gooey egg sandwiches in the way. So please join us for:

Last Call with LRBC
Tuesday, June 22nd

Memories, Love, and Drinks

featuring music from:
Delroy (Live funk)
The Woolen Men ( PDX Rock'n' roll)

DJ sets by:
The Happy Hour Kids
(N. PDX Collective)

small bites and sips including:
Deviled Eggs
Honeyed Yogurt Bar
Ham, Tuna, and Roast-Beef Finger Sandwiches
Greek Tempeh-Salad Lettuce Wraps
Homemade Ice Cream
Mom's Slow-Baked Banana Cupcakes
Foxfire Iced Tea
Iced Courier Coffee
Fresh Squeezed Limeade

Beer by:

Captured By Porches

LRBC will also be selling
Homemade Jam
Exclusive LRBC T-Shirts and Zines (hot off the presses)

We'd be honored if you came and helped us give 4823 N. Lombard St. a proper send off.


Molly said...

Ooooh la la! Ima get a t-shirt and wear it with pride! Love that you're going out in style...see you guys tomorrow!

Deanne said...

I thought that after reading the words "honeyed yogurt bar" that this post could not get any better... until I read the word "t-shirt." Then I think my heart stopped.

How much will the t-shirts be? I need to know how many handfuls of cash to bring to ensure that I get one! OMG!

Meesh said...

Any chance I can order a shirt online, via paypal, etc.? I'm in Northern Cal but I would love to have one (or two) of these.

Unknown said...

How do those of us who can't make it get a tshirt and jam!? Would you consider shipping? I'm willing to take whatevers left from the people who are able to make it...

Unknown said...

I must have a t shirt. We wish we could be there, but it's too crazy to leave the coast! If you can save an XL for me and a L for Hillary, we will repay you a thousand fold. Thanks!

Lulu/Sacramento said...

I dont remember how i found your blog, but i have been a blog reader since you guys were scouting for a place. I live too far away to make a quick visit and now to my dismay it is too late. Please keep us updated. Please dont retire this blog! I live vicariously through people like you guys, i am a nine to fiver 9(more like a seven to sixer these past couple of years)and seeing how much fun other people's work is is truly inspiring.

AlyJMc said...

I have been following your blog from Colorado for the past 2 years. I've never been to the cafe, but I love your blog and wish I could have made the trip. I'd love to buy a t-shirt and some jam if you can mail them to Colorado.

Portland Charcuterie Project said...

Sorry to see you guys go, but if you have to go, you're doing it the right way!

PS.. glad to see you're getting your beer from Dylan... CBP is one of Oregon's true "hidden gems"


jonashpdx said...

as a customer who was unable to frequent your excellent establishment as often as I would've liked -- no matter how happily fat it would've made me -- I just want to wish you guys the best and hope that you let us all in on whatever you do next.

and it better be here in p-town!

Anonymous said...

i couldn't make it to your last day

is there any way i could get t-shirt? do you guys still have a fig jam and leftover cupcakes?

Anonymous said...

You know... there are some great vacancies right on Denver Avenue in Kenton. Your little place would be a big hit there, I just know it!

Unknown said...

I'm still heart broken...

Julie said...

I, too, would love to buy a t-shirt if there are any left. Please let us know how! :-)

Vicki said...

Yes! YES! Please let us know how we can buy a LRBC T-shirt online! I'd wear mine proudly, often.

Kristin said...

KS and I lovingly request a status update on acquiring shirts also! We'll pay shipping and handling...:)

Jessica M said...

Many a time I procrastinated at work, studying whatever to drool over your delicious looking/sounding food and wishing that your cafe was magically transported to Sacramento. I made a point to check LRBC out in person on a trip to Portland in January. It was all I could've hoped for. :) I wish you all the best in your future endeavors (hopefully LRBC resurrected somewhere?)!

P.S. If you are still selling t-shirts I'd love to find out how to get one for myself.

Kendal said...

erm...I want a tee shirt too! Sorry we couldn't make it down to see you off...but we'll be sniffing around wherever you end up soon. Much love, Kendal and Edie :)