We're beginning to slowly chip away at our future. At least at what we'd like our future to be.

So far it's been coming to us in layers:

like over a root beer float, tucked away in a corner at our favorite pizza joint,

while on the phone with a fellow research junkie, laptops clicking away, ideas loading,

or in the shower, the safest place to dream about subway tile.

The most exciting part of this whole thing is that we're beginning to feel like we're coming out of a fog, and the bigger picture is finally coming into focus.

The answer has been there all along. We just needed to answer Life's all-too-important question: "What do I want?"

Our answer? We want to make a positive, lasting effect on a community.

Stay tuned for the journey.


kati said...

on the edge of my seat!

Chris Forrette said...

I'm excited!!!

whimsy2 said...

You guys are really special. I love it that your purpose is to build community, not make a buncha bucks. Well, bucks are nice too, but your focus is sooo generous. Our community is improved by you already.

Anonymous said...

I am excited, too!!! I can't wait hear more about your journey. good things are coming because you guys deserve:-)

Unknown said...

Now you are cooking!