LRBC Little Known Fact #6810

This photo was taken ten years ago, in the kitchen of Evan's parent's house in February, 2000. Evan and I are getting ready to attend Lincoln's winter semi-formal. I believe, ahem, (and am desperately hoping) the theme that year was "Safari."

I'll never forget, that occasion Evan's parent's were (conveniently) out on the town, so the guys got together, ordered out, and later took credit for cooking their dates' dinner. While I have zero recollection of the meal itself, I remember thinking at the time that this gesture, however flawed, was really, very sweet.

Though not yet "technically" a couple at this point-- it would take four more months, a kegger, and a toga party before we felt comfortable enough to utter the words "my boyfriend" and "my girlfriend" to anyone, including ourselves-- one could see, even back then, that Evan and I definitely had a thing going on.

Flash forward and today marks ten years since we "officially" began dating. We're not quite sure how many more times we can celebrate this particular anniversary given that we have now been married for nearly two years, but it is our first ten year milestone of any sort, and we had a damn fine time paying homage to this fact over the past 48 hours.

How do we manage to "keep the flame alive" perse, even after all these years? One of our favorite methods is the "staycation." You're familiar, right? The notion of creating a vacation while at home? Given our crazy work schedules we have often found this form of vacationing not only the most convenient, but a fantastic way to explore and refamiliarize ourselves with this ever-changing city that we love. Hanging out in this town makes for an easy celebration.

Many thanks to the people and places who helped make ours special. Including: Archery Summit, Ashley Forrette Photography, Coffeehouse Northwest, Delicious Donuts, Everett Street Bistro, Forest Park Conservancy, Margulis Jewelers, Metrovino, The Nines, Paley's Place, Spella Caffe, #1 Bento, our awesome staff, and supportive (and ever-indulging) families.


Deanne said...

Boo to convention! Celebrate your dating anniversary for as long as you want! Jonathan and I hit our 10 year milestone last winter, and we'll continue to celebrate that anniversary for the foreseeable future because those early years count, dammit! :)

See you guys this weekend!

Unknown said...

Hillary and I celebrated our 12th dating anniversary this year, and have been married nearly 7 years now. Never stop celebrating anniversaries. We all need to make more time for celebrations!

Jasper said...

Congrats! I'll finally admit to stalking your blog ever since I fell in love with your wedding (and that dress!) in Portland Bride and Groom last summer. I finally made the trek from se to LRBC a couple weeks ago and loved everything we ate! My wedding is this Saturday, can't wait!