Waiting on Merlin

"Frank and Frank grew up together as friends and neighbors in Queens, New York. After losing touch for 18 years, they reunited by lucky coincidence in November 2003. Both were consulting in food and nutrition at the time, and after catching up, they decided to join forces. Together, they conceptualized Frankies—a unique restaurant that would embody the sum of their travels, food philosophies and experiences. They would offer deceptively simple fare—dishes prepared with the freshest possible ingredients and a high level of attention. Service would be attentive, but never pretentious. Wines would be food-friendly and a great value, so there would be no reason not to like the place."
-an excerpt from "The Frankies Story" section of their website

Portland: meet Frank, and Frank. Welcome them with open arms, because in time they will begin putting a whole lot of love and energy into creating a new eatery in our fair city, and when that happens our bellies will surely be gurgling in amusement and delight.

Last night we attended an event that reminded us how lucky we are to be eating and living in Portland, Oregon. Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo stopped in to promote the recent launch of their new book, The Frankies Spuntino Kitchen Companion and Cooking Manual. The launch party was held at the Stumptown Coffee Roasters on SW 3rd Ave. Attendants received a copy of the new book, as well as an opportunity to sample a few recipes from the Franks' new book, prepared by the lovely folks from Clyde Common and Olympic Provisions.

We were especially excited to attend having just found out about the event the night before. Though we have never had the pleasure of visiting any of their restaurants back east, we've been drooling over their menus for nearly a year (I mean just read this one from Prime Meats...you're freaking kidding me right?). Peering over their work makes me get all Sam Elliot from The Big Lebowski; "I like your style Dude."

From what we've read we all have Duane Sorenson to thank for getting the Franks to consider bringing a bit of their magic out west (for that and so much else, thank you Duane). Haven't heard an official timeline as for when their forthcoming west coast project will break ground, but we're firm believers that good things come to those who wait. We'll wait.

Welcome to Portland Frank and Frank.


LittleCanoe said...

This is so exciting! I've had the pleasure of eating at Frankie's 457 in Brooklyn. I had no idea that there was such an incredible story behind it. I can't wait to read about it, and even more-so I can't wait to taste their food all over again.

jacksonpotluck said...

"Far fucking out!" As a Brooklyn to PDX transplant, I couldn't be happier to hear these guys are coming out west.

Anonymous said...

never heard of the "Franks," but I followed the link to their website and I must say everything looks pretty impressive. we'll keep watching your blog for updates. also, how can i get one of those nifty t-shirts of yours?

danbikespdx said...

Thanks so much for the update. I first read about this on eater.pdx, but its great to read your take on it all. Glad to see you guys are covering something Stumptown Coffee related for a change. Is this a hint we can expect multiple roaster representation at your next venture?

David Digs said...

I agree with littlebirdbigcity, this is so exciting! I've eaten at both the Frankies locations in Brooklyn and on Clinton Street and they are awesome. Portland is so lucky to have these talented guys make their way to our fine city!

Anonymous said...

yay! Thanks so much for sharing this great addition with us. These are exactly the kind of places Portland needs more of. Simple, honest cooking. Welcome Frankies, we can't wait for you!

looj said...

i'm lucky that my close friends have lived in Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens for over 4 years...and currently several live <2 blocks from Frankie's/Prime Meats. so whenever i visit, it's on. i've been to NYC twice this year and went to Prime Meats three times (brunch is great, as is the steak frites and the celery salad).

Ali/Evan, these are some of my close UVM friends...if you are ever in NYC, let me know, you guys should break bread at Frankie's/Prime. fixing for a Frankie's meal myself next month before flying abroad...right proper sendoff it would seem.

Tim (big)