The Unemployment Files: Epsiode I

macaroons at Barista (NE Alberta St.)

This morning I awoke leisurely around 6:10 am, fed the dogs, and went to the now former Little Red Bike Cafe at 4823 N. Lombard St, and rescued my bike from the basement. 0.4 miles later I was back at home, where I pumped up my tires and hit the road for some not-too early morning coffee.

Ritual's Los Chacones, Costa Rica

To say that I had been looking forward to this bike ride is an understatement; I have been lusting over the opportunity to sleep in, and bask in the early morning sunlight as I pedal my way towards the day's first cup. After nearly three years of waking up at 5:00 am (5:00 am merely an average, as some days I awoke a bit later, while other days I would arise between 4:00 and 5:00) sleeping in past 6:00 has become quite a treat. Anyone out there who has ever opened a coffee shop or worked in a bakery, or those of you who have/had young children know exactly what I am getting at.

Coava Coffee's Monserrate, Colombia

And so it was that I found myself atop my big blue bicycle this morning, Thursday June 24th, 2010, gliding through North and Northeast Portland and enjoying some mighty fine coffee courtesy of industry friends I have come to know during the past few years. Today's ride had a local focus, as I visited two very special shops not too far from our own 'hood. First I rode to Barista on NE Alberta St., where I had the pleasure of being welcomed by the one and only Matthew James Brown, who poured me a lovely Costa Rican coffee from Ritual Roasters of San Francisco, CA. After Barista, it was a very short ride down to Red E, where Jeffrey Scott is doing the folks at Coava Coffee Rosters proud, serving up a delicious washed coffee from Colombia.

tamp envy: Sara Z's custom espresso tamp is striking to say the least

The ride back home from the Red E was short, but long enough that I was able to reflect back on the past three years and feel very proud of all that we were able to accomplish at the LRBC. While I know that news of my morning bike ride and the delicious coffees I enjoyed must be fascinating you, I know that what you really want to read about is what comes next for the LRBC, i.e. "When the f*ck can I get my egg sandwich, man?!?" While I can't say for certain exactly what we have in store, I will say that you should rest assured by the fact that even as we are finishing up the move-out of our space on N. Lombard we are busy looking over design plans for other spaces, dreaming up new menus, and continuing to meet with property owners to discuss possible opportunities. For now, be patient and do like we're gonna do: get outside when you can, and soak up that summer sun.


Katie said...

I'm so glad that I found your blog today, its put a little happiness into my day, despite the sorrow in closing LRBC. I've only eaten at your cafe once, I have no idea what I ate since I was Vegan, but you must have accommodated me in some manner... Anyways, I loved your little cafe and I'm wishing you the best in your future!

Unknown said...

I'm devastated that you're leaving. I drove by today and saw the sign was down. Are you selling that or keeping it as a memento? If not - I'd love to make an offer on it as a keepsake of many happy memories of my own!

Nancy 503-753-1680

John Book said...

Good news all around.

Unknown said...

Lovely day, was it not? Enjoy yourselves and daydream. We will all be sitting down together again soon. XOXO