Sidework: Espresso/Coffee Consulation

Professional coffee consultant? Probably not. I've never had much confidence training people how to make beautiful latte art. In the past, this was a job in which I often begged for assistance from Adam McGovern of Coffeehouse Northwest. But I was really stoked when my buddy Chris Forrette sent me this photo which displays a drink he recently made on a friend's home espresso machine. You see, Chris has never been a barista, he's actually a very talented web designer/developer who just so happens to have a deep affinity for quality coffee.

After Chris had expressed some interest in learning how to make latte art, I invited him to join me in the cafe so that we could talk about general technique and ways to approach making a heart design. One rushed hour later, and our "training" was over (given my incessant rambling I think Chris was only able to pour five or six drinks that day). I guess something must have rubbed off, or Chris is simply a natural when it comes to latte art, because the photo which is linked above clearly demonstrates that he understands the fundamental ideas of flow control.

Great work Chris. You've accomplished in hours what takes (took) many of us days and weeks to figure out.

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Chris Forrette said...

Haha, love this post! You're an excellent teacher -- I say you can go pro any time :) Thanks again, you rock!