Bees & Beans

Our neighbor Faith has been known for baking up goodness from the moment we met her. As a former co-worker of Evan's and pastry chef at New Season's Arbor Lodge, we were first introduced to her work with batches of dark chocolate pecan cookies. Later, at dusk, when we would take the dogs for a walk in the neighborhood, I could see Faith in her kitchen, the stand-up KitchenAid mixer ceremoniously back lit behind her, and I'd wonder what culinary magic she was concocting. During the summer it was fresh organic veggies from her yard, and pumpkin cupcakes in the fall.

Flash forward many years later and Faith now has us under her spell with her newly launched line of artisan chocolate bars, Bees & Beans.

Making its debut splash this late spring, Faith's chocolate bars are delicious (and nearly impossible to keep on the shelves). We were first wooed by the beauty and obvious crafts(wo)manship of the bars themselves. Each bar is made by hand, and is budding with the freshest and highest quality of ingredients. Think: artisan 70% dark chocolate, organic berries, and local hazelnuts and honey. Faith's driven commitment to quality extends beyond sourcing ingredients locally and includes her packaging, which is entirely biodegradable, down to the cellophane, label, and adhesive!

Right now there are three flavors of bars available:

Honey bar
Honey caramel, salted hazelnut and honey nougat, hand dipped in dark chocolate with a sprinkling of sea salt

Berry bar
Raspberry caramel, honey nougat with dried blueberries, hand dipped in dark chocolate

‘Bert bar
Filling of filberts, Milk chocolate, peanut butter, and crispy rice, hand dipped in dark chocolate

The LRBC crew is currently obsessed with the Honey. We've yet to try the Berry which may just put us on the fence.

We suggest you go out and get you some so you can decide for yourself.

Bees & Beans are available at the following (hip) locations:

Little Red Bike Cafe
Bunk Sandwiches
Food Front NW
Cheese Bar
Foster and Dobbs
All three Pastaworks locations


Molly said...

Oh. My. Lanta. I want that right NOW!

Ali and Evan said...

We hear ya, Moll. These are keepers!

Lisa said...

BIG fan of Faith and the "launch" of Bees & Beans!! She is a great friend and bakes up the most delicious goodies!! :)

mle said...

*sigh* this post is tantalizing but after checking 2 of the three Pastaworks locations and Food Front NW I have yet to find these bars.....
perhaps distro is lagging behind the rest of the business, or the rest of you got there before I did! :)

Anonymous said...

That bar looks sinful. Is there a corresponding recipe so we can try it out?