Here are a few of my choice quick-fixes for a bad day:

1. Clean sheets and a freshly made bed
2. Mexican Coke, drawn from the bottle
3. A walk through the woods
4. Receiving pretty packages, containing one-of-a-kind pieces (with many thanks to inspiring friends and crafty talent for making it happen)
5. A chocolate dipped cone
6. Listening to Willie and Stevie on the record player
7. New socks
8. Fresh flowers
9. Reading a gossip magazine, from glossy cover to glossy cover, in the bath
10. Dreaming of sunnier times and places
11. Long distance video chats with the ones I love
12. Hand massages
13. Singing bluegrass and classic country with Evan
14. Grinding beans and making French press coffee at home
15. Sunsets

If all else fails, try counting to three, with deep breaths in-between.


amandaleigh said...

while in charleston, sc, i came across a dark chocolate peanut butter cup so large that it nearly filled a standard cupcake wrapper. things like this remind me that life can hold unexpected wonders :)

lynn russell // satsuma press said...

I am 100% with you on fresh sheets and neatly made bed. And the Mexican coke from the bottle (which you already know is a weakness for me). And I love your yellow bedspread ... and I'm so glad the package arrived for you. Will be in PDX this next Tuesday and plan to stop in for my LRBC fix.

kati said...


Smitten said...

I would ♥ to know where you found that yellow bedspread!