Better Luck Next Time

This plate yearns to hold something special

I took the camera to the cafe today uncertain what I was going to photograph, but with the utmost confidence that I would be able to get some great shots of at least one of the day's 'specials.' The specials proved to be just that, and all were sold before I was able snap a single photo. So I shot the above plate to signify the hope that we may actually get a photo or two of some food tomorrow. What could have been pictured above:

-French Puffs
Similar to a cinnamon & sugar donut, but are baked, not fried. That means its good for you, right?

-Savory Cottage Cheese Breakfast Muffin
Cottage and Parmesan cheeses, basil, sundried tomato and chopped almonds help make this muffin a healthy and tasty way to start the day. Oh and did I mention that its gluten free (thanks Heidi)?

-3 Cheese and Bacon Strata
Cheddar, gruyère, parmigiano reggiano, bacon, 'nuff said.

-The Cattle Prod
Roast beef, avocado, jack cheese, lettuce, and spicy mayo, served on ciabatta. Thanks to Logan for coming up with such a creative name for this one.

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AnnMarie said...

wow! you have been busy busy busy. great work.