A Day of Firsts

A lot of firsts for the LRBC today. Let's run down the list:

Jean Ann dropped off her FIRST produce delivery today; three pounds of lovely rhubarb which will soon be used in both a Strawberry-Rhubarb sorbet, as well as Saturday's breakfast special, Challah French Toast w/ Strawberry-Rhubarb Compote. Thank goodness for spring harvest and thank goodness for Jean Ann and all of the hard work she has put into her garden. I have a feeling that both of these specials will disappear fast, so if you are planning on coming in to the cafe for a taste, better try and come early.

Rhubarb soaking in preparation for a forthcoming sorbet

My FIRST trip to Courier Coffee Roasters' "office hours." Oh you didn't know CCR holds office hours? Every Friday for the past couple months Joel and company have been holding office hours at the CRR roastery. Given that I am usually at work on Friday it wasn't until today that I had an opportunity to attend. And oh what a treat it was. Anticipating the caffeine overload I knew I would experience while attending, I abstained from drinking any coffee while I was at the cafe this morning and instead indulged in large quantities of tea (probably what I should be doing every morning). My actions were justified by the fact that once I arrived at the roastery I promptly enjoyed a cup of French pressed Kenya Gethumbwini (thanks Matt), and got to pull a couple shots on Joel's La San Marco espresso machine; my FIRST time using a spring piston lever machine. Thanks to Joel and Matt for being such great hosts, and thanks to Ali and the rest of the gang for holding things down at the cafe in my absence.

Joel, the La San Marco, 91% isopropyl alcohol burning in the foreground

As if all of that wasn't enough, I also had an opportunity to taste and watch my FIRST siphon brewed coffee. Again using the Kenya Gethumbwini that was roasted yesterday, the brew lasted about 10 minutes and produced a coffee that was strong, smooth, and sweet, with hints of berry flavors. Hmmm....how do you think a fire marshal might react if the LRBC decided to start brewing all of its coffee using this method?

The siphon brewer in action

Like I mentioned earlier, it really was a day of firsts. In closing I will leave you with a FIRST of your own: a glimpse of the CCR blog, as posted on the roastery's front doors. Enjoy...

Who says blogs have to be electronic?

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@JeanAnnVK said...

Man, I wanted to make it to the cafe this weekend and sample some of the goodness...but it just didn't work out...fortunately, I have a tiny bit of rhubarb left, so I will try some creative concoction of my own...I have had some great suggestions on my blog for savory recipe ideas, too...who knew??

Be good...