Some People...

...Like to go outside and play when the sun comes out. I like to stay inside and geek out with my ice cream maker in order to make ice cream for those types of people. Before we left for the beach last week we emptied the freezer of any ice cream remnants. I have to admit that it's been a little tough trying to return to making new batters for the week. But on days like today, where the sun is shining and people have a little more hop in their step, it's easy to tempt the Sugar Rush Gods. After work, in order to get back into my groove, I took my inspiration from three women.

She inspired this:
Baklava Ice Cream

She inspired this:
Sparkling Apple-Ginger Cider Sorbet

And She inspired this:

Mexican Coffee Ice Cream

These babies and more (Dulce de Leche and Bittersweet Mint Chip) should all be ready for consumption by the time Saturday rolls around. Come on over this weekend (rain or shine) to reward my geekiness and praise the weekend!!!


p said...

Those look amazing - especially the baklava flavor! We stopped by your cafe last weekend for the first time after reading your blog for quite a while and we were so sad that there was no ice cream (don't worry - we went for the pain au chocolate bread pudding, which was so decadently good). We can't wait until the sun comes back so we can bike out and get some ice cream. Your place is adorable - keep up the amazing food.

joanna said...

Awww...I'm touched. So, I'll wait until Sat afternoon or Sunday to pay a vistit and taste the new 'screams.
Can't wait.