New to the Menu: Bloody Beers

Bloody Beer with a chili-salt lined rim
Garden Garnishes: Gherkins, Celery, and Pepperoncinis

It's not yet quite 7am and I've already got alcohol on the brain. But this morning I was greeted by a wonderful thing: the morning light. Yes, for the first time in a long time, the morning was actually bright from the moment I opened my eyes. Forecasters are still calling for a day in the mid-70's. Hell-freakin'-yeah! If this weather sticks around, we might just have to pull a kiddie pool out in front of the LRBC. Well...,maybe not. But I can tell you this: there will be plenty of bloody beers a'flowin' this weekend. Not your thing? No need to fret-we still got mimosas made with fresh, organic, Columbia Gorge OJ.

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AnnMarie said...

i hope everything works out ok. try to enjoy the sunshine a little. . .if you can.