Treating Myself

I have always been a firm believer in the idea that when things get tough and when times are hard, treating yourself to something nice can be a big help. As anyone who knows me can attest to, I am also a huge fan of presents. So in response to our past few days, I decided the best thing to do was to do something for myself.

Consequently, I bought myself a present. And what a beautiful one it was. Rollingstone Brandywine Chevre, goat cheese handcrafted in Parma, Idaho that's aged in a mixture of brandy and hard cider then wrapped in a grapeleaf tied with raffia.
I don't know which part I loved better. Picking out my present, unwrapping it, or putting it to use.


Anonymous said...

Hey there,
Just curious about your hours. They seem to be getting shorter and shorter (5pm then 3pm now 2pm). Is this a winter thing or a permanent thing?

It was so nice to be able to get some ice cream after work when you guys first opened.

Ali and Evan said...

Hey there anonymous,

Thanks so much for writing. In regard to our hours:
Since we first opened the cafe our official closing time has been 3pm. A few weeks back we decided to change our closing time to 2pm. This decision influenced by the fact that we have a limited bread supply, given that we prefer to use only artisan breads that are baked the same day we use them. On busy days we found ourselves running out of bread and having to tell customers that we were "out" of certain menu items, or on some days, "out of food." In effort to avoid having this happen we did increase our daily bread order, but are constantly treading a fine line where on slow days we have a great deal of leftover product, which we try to use for croutons, etc. Unfortunately, we still often have a lot of product which becomes "donation." Given that we don't usually do a great deal of service between 2-3pm, the easiest solution we could come up with was to close the cafe an hour earlier.
In regard to your comment about getting ice cream after work, you are probably referring to our seasonal "after-hours bike-thru" service, during which we offer a limited menu (coffee, espresso, ice cream, etc.) as well as "half-price" whatever pastries are left over. Trust me, we are as eager as everyone else to reintroduce this service on a regular basis, but our unseasonal weather has thus far not been very conducive to doing so. As soon as the sunshine becomes more consistent our after-hours bike thru service will follow suit.
Thanks again for writing and please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.