A Night of TCB

(What Would Willie Do?)

After much ado, we're officially TCB'in in our house, or, "Takin' Care of Business." Tonight, Evan and I had a sort of breakdown--er-- I mean breakthrough/revelation:

Ever since the cafe opened we've been playing an annoying, never-ending, all-too-consuming game of catch-up...And frankly, it's getting a little old.

The signs are all there: Our home is a complete disaster; our dog misses us; and no matter how hard we try we can't seem to remember where we put x,y, or z.

And so "it" hit us. We gotta start takin' care of $h*t and we gotta start doing it A-S-A-P. It's like the old saying goes, something's gotta give (not to be confused with the Hollywood ahem "Blockbuster," ahem).

Henceforth, our Night of TCB was born; e.g. Right now Evan sitting on the floor of the dining room surrounded by brown paper grocery bags. Each one is labeled; e.g. "LRBC Receipts," "Credit Card Receipts," "Paychex/Payroll Info," "Grocery Receipts," and "Merchant Processing." I'm washing laundry, stamping wedding stuff, and compiling tax information.

Tonight we rely on Willie's "Always on My Mind" (on vinyl) and Dove Vivi's Corn Pizza (we whole-heartedly heart smoked mozz) to get us through. And I hereby do swear that tonight our dog will be going to bed with his teeth brushed.


Tim D. Roth said...

Sometimes it's a tossup if the chicken-flavored toothpaste smells better than the month-old, I've-licked-everything-lickable breath. At least those choppers will look shiny white!

Anonymous said...

If that's gonna be your new motto, I'm afraid you must subscribe to the tenets of the Official Takin' Care of Business Oath, as penned in mid-air by the King himself, while channeling Dr. Bronner. There is much wisdom in it for young entrepreneurs, and it documents FDR's sadly forgotten Fifth Freedom, which I wish upon you. Wearing the jewelry is completely optional, but would be completely badass.

(Also, I can't get enough of Dove Vivi's corn and smoked mozzarella pizza, either. Unfortunates who have yet to sample it, take note!)

@JeanAnnVK said...

Note to self, set aside night to keep my sh*t taken care of...see, I am a quick learner!