What a difference a year makes

Kenya Kaganda, Courier Coffee Roasters:
What fueled me during our trip to the beach

Ali and I rarely take time to stop think about what our lives were like one year ago, but when we do we are often surprised at just how much has occurred over the past twelve months. Crazy to think that this time last year we were still fresh from our travels through Guatemala, and beginning to delve into our grueling search for a retail location.

Also important to note is that we started the blog just over one year ago during a trip we made to the Oregon Coast. How fitting it was for us to be able to return to the coast a couple weeks back and take time to reflect on the many things which have inspired us throughout our journey. Coffee has been one thing which has continuously kept me excited. While at the beach I sipped Joel's Kenya Kaganda and tried to recall just what coffee I might have been drinking at the same time last year. I couldn't remember, so I checked the blog...and laughed. Sure enough, I had written it down. Inspired by a photo from a post I wrote last year, I staged the above photograph.

Happy 1st Birthday Little Red Bike Cafe Blog!

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