The Day the Synesso Saved My Life

"Americano...er, I mean coffee for here"

What does the LRBC do when its coffee brewer breaks at 8:15 am on a Sunday morning?

Make a lot of americanos.

This was the only game plan we had until 'round 10am, when my folks dropped off an electric percolator that was purchased by my grandparents sometime during the 1950's. That's when our new coffee brewer, the AliceHacker1000, kicked into high gear, pumping out freshly brewed French Press coffee 52oz and 34oz at a time. While this new "setup" was far from ideal, it got us through the day. The percolator didn't start an electrical fire, and was able to produce enough hot water to make French press, and Alice maintained a Zen-like calm while working at a feverish pace to keep the cafe's airpots full of coffee.

Thanks to my grandparents for buying that coffee brewer more than a half century ago, thanks to my folks for dropping it off during a time of crisis, and thanks to Alice for once again coming through in the clutch when it was needed most.


Anonymous said...

good luck with all things wedding!

my partner and i were married 2 weeks ago and we are coming up for three years in our cafe in Melbourne, Australia.

i just know you will both grin all day long. til it hurts even.

you guys are awesome and deserve it.

AnnMarie said...

she's great ain't she