A Lesson From Mom

This Week's Seasonal Salad... So why are you still whining?

I know some of you are upset about soup season being over at the LRBC. Believe me, I know. I hear about. Like multiple times a day. As my mother/wanna-be Mary Engelbreit would say, to those of you who are full of nothing but pouts and whines, "SNAP OUT OF IT!!!" We've moved on to seasonal salads so get over it! Look people, I'm just trying to call out the weather gods and have them turn this thing around in our favor. We don't want soup! We want salads. We want crispy, crunchy, satisfying, thriving off the zest of life, hey- it's sunny and suddenly this-health kick-thing-ain't-all-that-bad SALADS!

So look, the thing is, is that we have a truly delicious seasonal salad this week and a few of you have been so busy consoling yourself about the loss of soup you've missed out. This week's special features a...
Green Bean and Radicchio Salad
with toasted walnuts, goat's cheese, and lemon curls

Don't worry, Soup will return to the cafe some day. Look for it on the specials board. Until then, embrace change. You know what they say, if you love something you've got to learn to let it go. Some day Soup will be back and maybe you'll fall in love again. Or maybe it'll be too late because Salad has already become your new thing. As Mom would say, "if it's meant to be it's meant to be, only time will tell."


Anonymous said...

I don't think green beans are in season locally yet.

Ali and Evan said...

Actually these green beans are local! Thanks to our friend, Miller we've been able to get our hands on some greenhouse grown Oregon green beans and strawberries so far this season! Not the same, I know, but it's something! And you can look forward to several rhubarb specials this weekend thanks to Jean-Ann and her nephew over at Dancing Hills Farm. Whoo! I don't garden myself but I sure am happy I've got good friends that do. Thanks, Team. Our menu will continue to find inspiration in the fruits of your labor. XO

Ali and Evan said...

Oh yeah, and speaking of seasonals we've also got ramps this weekend! Thanks to our dopplegangers at Dove Vivi, we've inherited a beautiful bunch of ramps; which we will apply to deliciously bacony things at the cafe this weekend like special grilled cheeses and stratas. Thank you, Delane and Gavin. You've given us the ability to make ramp butter. Oh-holy-hell. We are forever indebted. XO