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Being friends with Joel allows certain privileges, like getting to borrow some very cool stuff. This process is not unlike checking out an item from your favorite local library, only we are not limited to just books, music, or videos. Every month Joel catalogues what's loaned out on our monthly invoice so we're always up to date on our status. Currently we have a few collectible books checked out ranging from general coffee knowledge to kitchen design, as well a beautiful Mazzer Major that grinds our espresso to near perfection, and instantly changed our life and the cafe's life 4-EVA.

So would you like to check out our latest gadget on loan from the Courier Library?

This here is a Hario Siphon Vacuum Brewer. What the hell is it? Vacuum coffee makers, also knows as siphons or vacpots, rely on the expansion and contraction of certain gases. These principles work together for a full infusion and a scientific filtration of the grounds, resulting in one mighty fine cup of coffee.

Unfamiliar with the way that these things work? Here, check this out:

According to some, vacuum coffee makers can potentially yield the most pleasurable coffee sensory experience possible; everything from the aroma, fragrance, motion, touch, and action is incorporated into the brewing process. While this brew method became less popular in the 1960's, the 90's provided a resurgence of these brewers amongst the most devoted coffee geeks, though these days you can find the most elaborate of siphon bars dedicated to serving the masses. Our little baby was manufactured in Japan where vacuum coffee brewing is nearly as popular (if not more so) as auto drip coffee.

Though we initially had some reservations about borrowing something so um, humm..how do I say it? Oh, yes: something so breakable, expensive, fragile, rare, cool, and thoughtful (did I mention breakable, fragile, and expensive?) as this siphon, we couldn't help but kind of fall in love with it from the moment we laid eyes on it. And what about that Joel for letting us borrow it? What a peach!

As of now, we are not planning on using this brewer during service. TOO RISKY. We need some more time to familiarize ourselves with the process as well as with the proper handling technique. We would hate to tarnish our record and accrue fees from the Courier Library due to broken glass. However, I assume that this grace period will only last a short while, because I can already tell Ray and Evan have been itching to play with this new toy and share their joy with the world...or at least with North Portland.

After work today I decided to take the afternoon to get to know our new brewer intimately, recording all of its different sides and angles. As I snapped away, I couldn't help but feel as though this is one brew method at the LRBC that was simply meant to be:

What do you think?

Thanks again, Joel. We'll be real careful with it, we promise.


kati said...

don tried it on sunday and LOVED it!

Amy said...

I think I freakin' LOVE that last picture and how you can see the bike through the glass!

Metolius Mark * Student of...Everything said...

Ok...ok...jez....I've been drinking 'dirty' coffee an this time? I want my coffee vacuumed. I really want to experience this clean coffee thingie.

Kristy said...

One more reason that I must visit Portland.

Unknown said...

its kind of overwhelming with this box of hario siphon brewers sitting at our workshop- super excitement. its not like the coffee is better really, it just looks cool. it looks cool and makes awesome coffee and is so so pretty!!! Bonus. Its cleaner than french press and not as clean as paper. The Hario brewers come with cloth filters which let more of the oils through but no sediment, nice-joel ccr