Snapshot from Vegas #2

Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bistro in the Venetian Hotel

We sampled quite a bit from Bouchon, our four day stay at the Venetian allowing us plenty of access to its bakery, dinner, and brunch menus. While we have been unabashedly verbose Thomas Keller admirers, this was our very first opportunity to take in just a whiff of what he and his crew are all about.

Between the four of us, here's just a little sampling of what we delved into during our stay: homemade granola with vanilla bean yogurt, carrot cake cookies, steak frites with a perfectly pan-seared flat iron, roasted lamb, jelly-filled beignets, spicy fennel and endive salad with blue cheese and hazelnuts, strawberry croissants, soupe a l'oignon, cauliflower gratin, traditional French omelet, sauteed spinach, almond brioche, and the best two egg breakfast we can remember having in years featuring poached eggs in butter sauce, toasted brioche, potato croquettes, and a generous portion of Nueske's bacon.

We also tried: an airy spinach quiche, and pain au'chocolat, and what trip to a bistro would be complete without pommes frites, Bouchon's seasoned nearly to perfection with a decent amount of salt. The list could continue but just talking about all this food is making me a little ill. Safe to stay we overindulged, but felt we were in the perfect place, at the perfect time to do so.

Unfortunately, romantically dim lit rooms don't lend themselves to stellar photographs so these few shots taken during brunch service will have to do. Hopefully you get the idea. Everything here is beautiful. Everything about this place feels good. The space is elegant but feels lived in. It's classy without being pretentious, the lights are dimmed at night, making it all that much easier to slide into those velvety booths and ensuring the success of its cozy, romantic nature. Brunch service was flawlessly clean, we always felt like we were in good hands, and we couldn't help but gawk at the huge windows spilling light across the tile patterns on the floor.

Best Dressed Award:
Brunch service was stellar, the cushy atmosphere peaks equally day and night, and the bistro definitely boasts one of the more interesting and refreshing cocktail lists I've seen in a long time.

Breath of Fresh Air:
Dinner bread service consisted of crusty epi baguettes, served atop the white butcher paper covered tables, sans plates. It was authentic, intimate, casual, and made for a warmly extravagant environment.

What's still lingering on our tongues:

A pork belly sous-vide hors d'oeuvre served with new potatoes, spinach, roasted garlic and a bone-marrow gravy that literally Hit-It-Out-Of-The-Park.

In the end I can only hope that the wads in our wallets grow considerably, and that the waiting lists for the Napa and NYC locales shrink substantially so that we may one day be able to enjoy the rest of Keller's offerings. Until then, I will dream with sugar dusted beignets dancing in my head.

Bouchon inside the Venetian Hotel
Serving Breakfast and Dinner, with a Midday Oyster Bar

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Lyndie said...

I am so glad you guys ate at Bouchon! My husband and I had one of the best meals of our life (so far) here and it holds a dear place in my heart.