Behind the Scenes of Hawaiian French Toast

This is what pineapple marinading in brown-butter pineapple syrup looks like. Early this morning, while grooving to Michael Jackson's "Number Ones" album as his soundtrack, my husband will be throwing these babies on the grill for our French toast special.

Here's a reminder about today's Specials:

Hawaiian French Toast
coconut French toast with shaved coconut, grilled pineapple, whipped butter, and toasted macadamia nut maple syrup
Lu’au Style: add bacon

Green Eggs and Ham
eggs scrambled with fresh pesto, prosciutto, caramelized onions, and goat cheese, served with balsamic roasted tomatoes with buttered toast and housemade jam

The Cookout
fried egg, white cheddar, baked beans with homemade bbq-beer sauce, & fried onions on ciabatta
add bacon
add veggie bacon

Turkey of Eden
turkey, bacon, brie, artichoke, lettuce, and pesto mayonnaise on Como bread, served with chips and a pickle

Happy Sunday, Everybody. May the sun make its way to your window this morning, too, wherever you are. XO


Molly said...

Color me devastated to have missed out on the Cookout! Hopefully it will make a comeback soon!

Tim D. Roth said...

That turkey sandwich was off the chain. Not to mention the epic combination of the orange sticky bun bread pudding and the toppings of the Hawaiian style french toast. Perfect afternoon meal if there ever was one. And to wash it all down with Courier iced coffee? Please!

Natalie Burke said...

The Hawaiian french toast was:
to. die. for.
Seriously, so delicious, best ever frech toast. yum.