Snapshot from Vegas #5

The Gondola Ride at the Venetian

Is the hefty $16/person price tag worth the "13 minute" romantic float beneath bridges, beside cafes, under balconies and through the vibrant Venetian street scape down the Grand Canal? Is a visit to The Venetian incomplete without a graceful and romantic glide down the Grand Canal in an authentic Venetian gondola? Does this "authentic" experience embody all the charm, excitement and passion that is Venice?

Keep in mind you will wait over 45 minutes to board your gondola, despite the 10 minute time frame they give you. Also noted is that your gondolier will sing not one, but two songs to you during this ride, creating all the more attention surrounding you and your "relaxing" cruise, and all of the commotion causing strangers lined up along the pass to feel creepily inclined to snap photos, stare and point at you like you're some animal in a zoo.

But judging from the look on these people's faces, I'd say it just might be worth it. Yeah, these two people look like they're absolutely swooning over this particular gondola ride, and given the fact that they're our family and we got to witness their joy, I'd say that's worth about anything.*

*It should be included here that each couple received a 2 for 1 price coupon in our package making that $16 per couple, or $32 for a totally worthwhile family moment of watching your dad's 60 year old face light up like he was a kid in Disneyland.

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