Snapshot from Vegas #7

Through a very lucky connection to one of the choreographers, we were offered prime seats to LE RÊVE in the Wynn's aqua theatre. Though to be perfectly honest this theatre is so well designed, and the show is so well executed, I don't know what seats wouldn't be choice.

According to the Wynn, LE RÊVE "offers breathtaking performances in an intimate aqua theater...The cast of 85 captures the imagination with their outrageous antics and daring feats of strength and agility. Live music and elaborate special effects immerse the audience into a world of fantasy, adventure and intrigue."

According to us, LE RÊVE will make you nearly pee your pants and leave you teary-eyed and bewildered...or at least this is what happened to me.

LE RÊVE features enchanting aerial acrobatics, breathtaking choreography, and an insane amount of athletic ability. To work this show many of these performers must know how to dance, swim, spin in the air, and put their lives in the hands of another (literally.) They are not just dancers or performers, or just muscle men and women. They encompass all of these abilities. At times we were forced to wonder if some of them were really human at all, their incredible strength and talent easily overflowing into the superhero realm. In addition to the 85 cast members, the show requires an entire artistic team, including several different types of choreographers, from aerial to aquatic, to bird trainers, set designers and composers.

One of the reasons why our seats were so amazing was because we had the great pleasure of sitting next to one of these superheroes, a guy named Eric who is one of LE RÊVE's future cast members. Throughout the show, Eric was able to give us a play-by-play whilst practicing all of the moves in his seat right along with the cast. His inability to contain his excitement for the show, despite the obvious hours and hours dedicated to rehearsal, was infectious and we were happy to groove, cheer, and be gobsmacked right along with him.

I assure you, the show was visually stunning and nothing about it, from design to execution felt like an afterthought. Much thanks and praise to Dannita for getting us the tickets, and to Eric and the entire LE RÊVE team for the inspiration. We walked away from this show assured that the world is still a very big, and a very beautiful place.

...Though I suppose another one of the reasons why we left feeling this way was because our bellies were full of remnants from a blowout at the Daniel Boulud Brasserie at the Wynn.

Boulud may be best known for winning the James Beard Foundation's award for Best Chef New York City in 2008, or for the fact that his DB Bistro Moderne in NYC is home of a $32 burger: a 9-oz. sirloin burger stuffed with braised short ribs, foie gras, and black truffle parmesan bun, served with french fries. Whatever his claim to fame is, Boulud launched Daniel Boulud Brasserie in the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas, bringing his burger along with him, and subsequently earned the restaurant One Michelin Star, Las Vegas in 2008.

Since opening, and perhaps since the country's recession, Boulud's brasserie has also received praise for its free "water show" at the Lake of Dreams, a short animated spectacle located in a pond just outside the restaurant, as well as for its extremely reasonable "Before 7pm" prix fixe menu, available for $48. We called specifically regarding the water show at the Lake of Dreams, (even though we had been warned that it was "cheesy," "trippy," and "magical") figuring it would be right up my dad's (i.e. the birthday boy's) alley, as well as a good precursor to LE RÊVE. With the Lake of Dreams show beginning at 7:30pm, we made 7:00pm reservations thus missing the window of opportunity for the prix fixe, however opening up the entire menu for a hungry party of six.

Between the six of us we tried quite a bit, including two kinds of brick-oven flatbread, duck, and yellow-fin tuna, and in case you're wondering yes, the burger was ordered amongst us. And no, there wasn't enough light for decent photos but here's our wrap-up of the meal:

Best Dressed Award:
By far, the best service we experienced the entire trip. Hands down.

Breath of Fresh Air:
The water show at the Lake of Dreams. Yes, a little hokey but it's nice this place doesn't take itself too seriously. Despite perfect seats in a cushy booth, my dad was busying chatting the entire time so he missed most of it, though I do suppose this speaks to the quality of the company.

What's still lingering on our tongues:
We both felt the starters and sides out-shined the main courses. Their version of a Caesar was quite good and felt indulgent with thick slices of creamy avocado and salty parmesan crisps; I could eat an entire plate of the brussels sprouts with lardons and pearl onions; and the escargots dish, with burgundy snails, chicken oyster, and hazelnut spaëtzle, was also popular amongst all six of us.

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