Thank You, Portland.

Pink is Spring's signature color

We rang and you came, Portland. Bless Your Hearts. What a gorgeous day, and to think of all of those shining faces that came in, choosing to spend a portion of this dreamy day with us. To be perfectly honest, so many of you came today in fact, that we broke record sales. So thank you, Portland. Truly.

There have been a lot of new faces in the mix recently. And a lot of the familiar ones to. Just so you know, we adore you all. To the people who patiently lined up, before our open sign was flipped, and came in graciously and with respect for the fact that sometimes our clock runs a little bit slower than yours, you are our heroes. To the people who read the blog, and came in demanding Hawaiian French Toast and The Cookout without even looking at the menu, we salute you. To the people who sat sunning themselves in our outdoor chairs, acting as our sirens and tempting and trapping unassuming passerbys into our milkshake web, we owe you one. To the people who came a little later than usual, after a late night out that lasted into morning, we are tremendously enamored with your dedication to our cause, and literally count you in our blessings.

Around 4:45pm, when the last compartment of the sink had been sprayed, and the of the last team members said his goodbyes, and the lock on the door was switched to the right, this happy couple sat down to breakfast, their first meal of the day. To celebrate their great fortunate they decided upon a sizable leftover slice of slow-baked banana cake with cream cheese frosting.

Cake for Two...


kati said...

i took pics of that magnolia today, too :)

great to see you guys so busy! we were saying to ourselves, "i guess we should get here earlier" but it sounds like even the earliest isn't early enough anymore!

josh? said...

It was beautiful day and lunch here just made it that much better. Thanks for running such an amazing establishment!

Deanne said...

I wish I could say simply that we love you because your food is amazing.

But it's more than that, really.

We love you for your passion and your creativity and your devotion to this -- how can I describe it? -- this beautiful expression of your shared joy for nurturing people through food. For sharing this arduous but ultimately enriching journey with us and countless others who read these pages. For putting smiles on our faces every weekend regardless of how busy it is when we come in. We love you for all the things that your cafe embodies, for all that it has done for the neighborhood, and for all the smiles we have seen you put on others' faces.

Oh, and your food is amazing.

Anonymous said...

I visited for the first time on Sunday and had the "cookout". It was that good! I have to say that I found your blog first and that passion for food drew me to your wonderful cafe.