Snapshot from Vegas #1

Because we took so many pictures on this trip (as we always seem to do), and because there are so many stories we could tell, we're going to try and condense our Vegas vacation down to a few vivid snapshots. Hopefully these blog posts will breeze through like rapid fire so we can get moving along to more important things like what's cooking in our kitchen. Until then, relax and enjoy a few scenes from our Vegas photo album:

Vegas Snapshot #1:

We first caught wind of world-renowned artist Dale Chihuly during a totally insane PBS special that brought together some the world's greatest glass blowing talents. Watching these artists work is nothing short of witnessing a miracle, and there were several moments when we caught ourselves blinking, trying to confirm that what we were seeing was real.

Imagine our delight when we learned from one of our cooks, Logan, who is an accomplished glass-blower himself, that the lobby of the Bellagio Hotel featured some Chihuly's work.

Hum..."some" of Chihuly's work is "featured" in the lobby?

Well, that statement hardly did the commissioned work justice.

Found in the hotel's lobby is a seemingly never-ending arched tunnel. Dangling from this tunnel floats 2,000 stunning hand-blown glass flowers, that pop in every spectacular burst of color you can drum up. Each bend and angle differs from the next and the flowers' designs are vivid and not entirely unlike a snowflakes in their completely unique identity. The more I look at them I'm not really sure if it's fair to liken them more to flowers, snowflakes, or jellyfish.

Needless to say we spent several moments in the hotel's lobby, probably more time than I've spent in any other lobby, just taking in the sights. It's gorgeous [free] stuff like this that proves there's a lot more to see and do in the Las Vegas desert than gamble, spend money, drink, and stare at the beautiful people.

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