Just in Time For Playoffs

We'd like to introduce you to Sunday's Fried Egg Sandwich Special:

Clyde the Glide

fried egg, toasted-pecan butter, brie, bacon, greens, and homemade strawberry-basil jam on ciabatta

Wow. As native Portlanders we don't even know where to begin when speaking of the Great Clyde Drexler. And we do mean GREAT. He was, and continues to be (even after his Dancing with the Stars days), an inspiration.

Despite being traded to Houston in 1995, we will always think of Clyde as a Blazer, and a trailblazing one at that. Some of our greatest days under the "Rip City" title were because of him, and as our city's new "Uprise" begins, we thought it would be nice to honor this legend the best way we know how: By coming up with and naming a new fried egg sandwich after him.

I think that's probably like everybody's dream, isn't it? To have a gooey mess of a thing be named after them? But I'll tell you what, in my line of work, you meet very, very few people who would turn away a good fried-egg sandwich.

When brainstorming for the new sandwich, we had to come to terms with the fact that no flavor profile would ever do justice, or be as dynamic as the man himself. Nonetheless, we did our best to figure out something that would zing your taste buds (much like we're going to do to the Houston Rockets during this series.) Now only if we could get the real Clyde in.

Wouldn't that be a sight? Clyde and Rudy sitting in our teeny, tiny cafe eating their sandwiches?

One can dream, one can dream...

Also in time for playoffs and available at the cafe tomorrow is local Oregon rhubarb, served in the form of French Toast:

Strawberry Rhubarb French Toast
thick slices of our challah french toast paired with strawberry & local rhubarb compote, orange-black pepper butter, and real maple syrup

Now I think that gives us three things to celebrate: the beginning of playoffs, the recognition a legend and of a legacy, and the fact that local rhubarb finally made it onto the Scene (Spring, are you listening?!?!?)

Man, don't you all feel like you could just Bust A Bucket right now? Come on then, let's do this. Sing it with us:

We surely hope to see you tomorrow but if not, keep this one thing in mind: GO BLAZERS!


Kelly said...


besos de barcelona

Diana said...

How about a Channing Frye sandwich next? He is a blazer and a fellow blogger, he definitely deserves a LRBC sandwich.

Evan said...


I wrote Channing earlier in the year and tried to lure him into the cafe...no dice. I would definitely name a sandwich after him, but he seems lie the type of guy who would like to have some say about what is served on his sandwich.

What do you say Channing? You listening?