We'd Like you to Meet...

Swift Althea Simone Blackstock. Otherwise known as Baby Swift. Or Squeaks. She is the custom handywork of our dear and beloved friends, Gavin and Delane, whom many of you know as your favorite pizza slingers. You may remember that kooky baby shower we had at the Cafe for them? Well, Baby Swift finally graced us with her presence on March 12, 2009 at 4:38 AM, and I believe by now it's been confirmed that we are all better people because of it.

We cannot tell you how pleased we are that some of our most crafty, lovable, talented, and awesome friends are reproducing. Without a doubt I know this child will be a positive contributon to our society. Seriously, it's people like Gavin and Delane who give me faith in humanity and hope for mankind, if know what I mean. We were over the moon when we learned G&D were preggers, and waited patiently for the ladybird's impending arrival. We like to think of her as our god-niece, as she certianly is the closest thing we have to it, though I know we stand in a long line of adoring fans whom also consider her family. As was to be suspected, we fell in love with Swift instantly. Aside from that incredible baby smell that she does better than anyone, she won our hearts when we learned of her vivicious appetite, a sure sign she takes after her parents. She also has the most elegently long fingers, perhaps a sign she'll be a baker like her mother, and though she's already spent her fair share of time at Dove Vivi, we're thinking it'll still be awhile before she's molding those digits into cornmeal deep-dish.

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited over to spend some time with the newest addition, during which I was allowed to shoot a few photos. We were overwhelmed by the opportunity to share in the intimacy of this moment, and witness the effects that this miracle had on our friends. Until now I was unsure if I should publish these photos on the blog, given how special, rare, and new this whole experience is for the Blackstock Family. Surely I should at least speak to the parents first. However, a turn of events late last night completely changed my mind.

During a late-night computer sess (as in session), Evan and I discovered that this adorable certified whiz has already set up her own blog! Kids and technology these days! I'll tell you what, people, it's a different world out there, a different world. In light of these new circumstances, and seeing that our little ladybird has already taken it upon herself to enter the blogosphere, I hardly think her parents would mind if we further extended the introduction.

Congratulations, Gavin, Delane, and Shade! Welcome Baby Swift! We love you all to pieces. XO

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blackstocks said...

we love you both. you are family, and now more than ever do i think we realize the importance of that. sending my mom off to alaska yesterday was eased by her telling me she felt okay about leaving because she new how much love and support we were surrounded by here. it's true. and we are so glad. thank you for everything, we are blessed to have you as a part of our lives and thrilled you are a part of swift's.