The Great Spring Flood of '09, Part IV


Good news.

But first, flowers. The beauties you see above were a sympathy gift courtesy of some very dear friends. In the words of our neighbor Tanya, "Please! Ya'll are too much." Thank you, everyone for all of the public and private outpouring of support. You continue to humble us, reminding us once again how lucky we are to be able to do what we do.

And if you thought the flowers were too much, check out this mug that helped deliver them:

Ms. Swift Althea Simone Blackstock

Six weeks old and dressed to the nines...

...showing up with not only kissable ducks on her feet but a batch of beautifully, buttery cupcakes with orange-creamsicle frosting. We told you she was destined to be a baker like her mother.

And now back to the news...

Two contractors have visited the cafe thus far, and more are scheduled to submit bids on Monday. Also scheduled for Monday, Servpro should be able to move out the last of their equipment, and the cafe should be completely dried out. The areas that retained the most moisture are currently tented with fans and dehumidifiers. Though we remain hesitant to forecast a reopening date, I hope that by Monday that date will reveal itself.

As for the insurance front, our fate will remain unknown until we reopen. Part of our claim is based on our reopening date, or what Safeco determines is a "reasonable amount of time" for us to get ready to reopen. Regardless of whether or not our initial claim is to our liking, we are feeling relaxed sitting in our corner, getting ready to put up a good fight if our initial claim seems unfair. Lucky for us we know we already have one of you ready to jump in our corner as our new trainer, an ex-adjuster turned regular citizen who knows the ins and outs of the insurance biz.

For now we'll cook breakfast for ourselves, and do what we can to get ready to cook breakfast for you, too just as soon as we are able. Its surreal spending the weekend at home, not really knowing what to do with our time. Naturally, our minds gravitate towards menu planning, hypothesizing, and day dreaming, determined not to let the water hold us down.

Poached Egg & Toast
with tempeh bacon, sauteed spinach and roasted rosemary fingerling potatoes

Thanks for lifting our spirits. Trust us, we're itchin' to get back...


kati said...

we were fairly lost this morning without you guys. had to come up with Plan B... and in the car we said to each other, "where to ali and evan go now?!"

fingers crossed that monday goes well!

Lyndie said...

Hope you guys are back soon!- A newbie who just found you and loves your whiskey drinking rituals!

Ali and Evan said...

simaptica proved to be a great option for us this morning

we find that whiskey, like love, can be enjoyed no matter what time of day

Malori said...

Hey you two...Devon and I were bummed last week when we tried to stop by for some coffee. I'm hoping to see your doors reopen soon! Good luck with the insurance.

Stacy Hubbard said...

come back soon- we miss going to the LRB on the way to work! are you sure you didn't make up the flood to be able to watch the playoffs without work to do?? just jokin', i am sure this is very hard for you- and we look forward to you opening back up real soon!