The Great Spring Flood of '09, Part VI

Despite our previous optimism regarding the repairs at our cafe, recent developments have indicated that we are indeed living in the Twilight Zone.

In the interest of protecting ourselves, our business, as well as our employees, we can only reveal that our preparations for a reopening have been delayed, and that the immediate future of Little Red Bike Cafe remains unknown due to an extremely complicated and unfortunate set of circumstances. This news is more difficult to digest than you can imagine for numerous, deeply embedded reasons. We feel we owe it to you, as well as to ourselves, to document these recent events as truthfully as possible so that we may shed light on the difficult reality many small businesses face on a regular basis.

I cannot tell you how many emails we receive weekly from prospective coffee shop and cafe owners, desperately seeking "the gospel" from us, asking us to direct them towards a path of success in their own ventures (Ha! As though we have the answer). We can only guess at this point, that we have been chosen to experience this setback so publicly because we have an obligation to set the record straight about this business, and to demonstrate that there are two very different sides to being a small business owner. While our journey has proven that the allure of being a business owner is strong (bright lights, big names, fulfilling career), we have learned along this journey that this path is anything but paved, that in fact, it is a path filled with rocks and ditches, weeds and forks; and you'd be kidding yourself to think that you won't have fight for every single inch that you're given---scratch that-- that you've freaking earned.

When not tearing our hair out, we are occupying our time with attempting to feed ourselves with what's left in our fridge and cupboards after a week of depressed, hermit-like habits. Using a can of garbanzo beans, kidney beans, and some other pantry goods, here's what we recently came up with:

Quinoa Pasta with Beans and Toasted Walnut-Arugula Pesto

So stay tuned, Friends. This could get interesting...


kati said...

we wait and we hope! xoxo

josh? said...

Hang in there. You'll probably never know how many lives your journey has reached, but clearly it's touched quite a few. Thanks for journeying and for sharing so openly about the reality of this whole endeavor.

If y'all feel like escaping down to Sellwood sometime, lunch at Jade or Garden State is on me.

Take care and let me know if you could use any volunteer help.

vj said...

Oh my gosh. I came by last weekend and saw the note on the door, but haven't been able to check the blog until now.

I'm so sorry. I can't even imagine.

If there is anything I can do, please holler. Know I'm thinking about you, and looking forward to when I see you next. {{{}}}

Stacy Hubbard said...

i will keep so many good thoughts that the cafe will open again- it is really one of the best in all of oregon, and i have truly missed it since you've been closed.

Anonymous said...

Ditto ~ warm wishes and prayers we send your way <3

one tart said...

I hope you know, E&A, there are enough of us out there to facilitate a good old-fashioned "barn raising" to get a place (new or old) up and running for you. Hey, did this by chance happen the day after Slim worked a shift? Totally kidding, Slim... totally kidding.